Q: What shipping options do you offer?

A: We have several shipping options available: Standard, Priority, Expedited and Overnight.

  • Standard: Usually takes 5-7 business days within the U.S. and up to 2-4 weeks internationally. For international shipments, a commercial invoice from the merchant’s online store is required for customs clearance. Standard Shipping carriers do not provide guaranteed delivery timeframe and the transit times might get changed according to shipping volume, weather, and other factors. 
  • Expedited: 2-4 Business Days delivery from the pickup date for Domestic Shipments and up to 4-12business days for the International Shipments. A commercial invoice from the merchant’s online store is required for customs clearance. Expedited Shipping Carriers provide guaranteed delivery timeframe and in case of any delays, a service refund can be filed according to the eligibility.
  • Overnight: 1 business day delivery from the pickup date (Only available for Domestic Shipments).
  • Priority: For shipments over 1lb or if Priority is selected, packages usually arrive at their domestic destination within 1-3 business days depending on the shipping zone. International shipments can take 2-3 weeks for final delivery.


Q: How safe are your products? How can I be sure I'm getting what I'm paying for?

A: When it comes to quality and safety, we operate at both the highest legal and moral standards. Legally, we only manufacture our products in FDA-registered facilities under the strictest manufacturing standards to ensure that there is ZERO question when it comes to quality and accuracy. Morally, we don't make products that we ourselves wouldn't take or wouldn't buy. Noocor products only use ingredients that have real benefits, are well-researched, but above all, are completely safe to consume.  As part of those standards, every single product is rigorously tested and measured to ensure you're getting exactly what we put on the label, and nothing we don't. 


Q: Should I take Noocor products instead of what my doctor prescribes?

A: Always follow your doctor's orders. Noocor products are dietary supplements, not medication. Supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Medicine, however, is. It's also worth noting that prescription drugs can sometimes interact with foods we eat or supplements we take, so if you have any sort of undesirable reaction to a Noocor product, stop taking it and check with your doctor before resuming.