About Us

Noocor was started in response to some big problems in the nootropics industry.

What are nootropics? Nootropics, often called "smart drugs," are actually not drugs at all. They are compounds often found in food, plants, or occuring in nature that have various effects on the brain. Scientific research has found benefits in nootropics over the years, including helping increase focus, boosting memory, easing anxiety or stress, improving mental clarity, reducing brain inflammation, etc. Studies have shown that when taken at the right quantities, these effects can be quite pronounced and can significantly improve brain function and health.

Nootropics enthusiasts experimenting with different products in search of these brain-boosting benefits are called "biohackers." Many biohackers would to buy dozens products to try and achieve their desired results. Some would take 15-20 pills a day! But while taking so many capsules, spending hundreds of dollars every month, and juggling multiple products might've been ok for biohackers, most others were just looking for something simple, safe and effective.

This caused many looking for a brain boosting supplement to opt for "all-in-one" products with proprietary blends. But, with this convenience comes another problem. Manufacturers aren't legally required to disclose the actual individual amounts of each ingredient if it is part of a proprietary blend. As a result, many manufacturers market supplements as containing some of the nootropics customers want, but label them as part of proprietary blend, misleading the customer into thinking they're getting the boost they need, when in fact, they're just buying products packed with fillers or junk. 

Being biohackers ourselves, we had enough of this and had to do something about it. We set out to create a product that:

  • Didn't need 15-20 pills a day
  • Contained a complete range of nootropics
  • Didn't compromise on ingredient levels
  • Didn't hide behind "special blends" and was honest about what was in the product
  • Contained ingredients with REAL scientific evidence behind them, not junk or fillers
  • Was ethically marketed to consumers
  • Was such a good product that it met biohackers' standards

And so, our first product, Noocor Complete, was born. Since then, thousands of satisfied customers later, we have branched out into more products for the brain, but we haven't forgotten our biohacker roots.

We will always stand by these values:

  • Every Noocor product only contains ingredients with clinical research evidence supporting their benefits. If there's no science on it, there's none of it in our bottles.
  • Every Noocor product lists the exact quantities of the dietary supplements contained in it.
  • Every Noocor product is lab tested by real scientists to ensure that it contains exactly what it says it does. We will not make cheap or inferior versions of our products.
  • Every Noocor product contains a high dose of each ingredient we put into it. We will not cut corners on quality, but not quantity, either.
  • The thing that matters to us above all else is customer satisfaction.